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Members should always be at the club at least 30 minutes before their Tee time, and be prepared and ready to play. The reason for this being - the draw will have changed with changes and cancellations, etc.

After paying for your round of golf, you will be issued a”receipt”. Sign the back of the receipt and take it to the Starter.  This receipt is used to confirm your attendance, and the number of games you have played in the season.

The starter will confirm which group you are playing in and check off your name as being there and ready to play.

Your Tee-Off time for the following week is always posted near the starter's area. The “draw” will also be available on the web site   Make sure you check to see if you have won a prize from the previous week.

When it is time to go to the 1st Tee, you will see a marshal for Country Meadows who will check your name from his draw sheet. Only the marshal can move people up from the group behind or send out groups of three.  On any Tuesday, no member should request any changes be made by the starter or the marshal.

To help prevent slow play on the course, you must keep up to the group in front.  Remember your group should be”behind the group in front NOT in front of the group behind”.

When you finish your game and you and your playing partner have totaled your scores and attested to them being correct, complete your card and have it signed by your partner. Put your gross score, net score and adjusted score on the card. Take your score card upstairs and put it in the appropriate division basket, before you put your clubs in the car or have your lunch. You can also record your adjusted score in the computer. A list of current handicaps is posted on the board to the right of the computer.

Upstairs there is a book to record your birdies, chip-ins, holes-in-one and break point.  Write in the appropriate pages and have the person who signs your card or played in your foursome – sign the book.  Break pins are awarded the first time your gross score comes in under 100, 90, 80 and 70.

The tournament forms can be found in the binder at the starters desk, please feel free to make copies and return to the binder.   Please make yor own arrangements to enter these tournaments.

A Team Roster of members interested in playing team for Country Meadows Ladies Golf Club is selected from members with low handicaps and who are willing to play. The team is established one week prior to the scheduled match and is made up of 8 players, who play 2 home and 2 away games.  If you interested please speak to the Team Captain.

To keep your membership you must have played 12 games of the 29 scheduled league games.

If you are ill and unable to play for a few weeks you must notify our Membership Chair Person in writing.